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The Ethical Technology Network

A growing number of government agencies, universities and civil society organisations are calling for more awareness and actions to address emerging technologies' potential risks to individuals, society and the environment. 

However, there is a lack of coordinated effort to provide businesses with the information and resources they need to embed ethical practices into their product and services.

We believe it has become critical to facilitate these resources to support startups, scale-ups and SMEs with the practical tools they need to develop a clear ethical strategy.

An Ecosystem of Trust

In the last few months, we have seen increasing concerns about the risks posed by technologies like Generative AI and the urgent need to regulate the uses and applications of Artificial Intelligence.
Recently the UK government announced that it will invest 100 million in the development of AI and the creation of the AI Safety Institute to ensure the safe deployment of AI in the UK  alongside the need to take concrete actions to "help develop breakthrough AI applications in a safe, reliable, trustworthy and ethical way" 

We believe that now is the time to bring together a group of industry experts, academics and members of civil society to build an "Ecosystem of Trust" that will support businesses to get the necessary advice, training and resources.

Introducing the Ethical Technology Network- ETN

The ETN is an industry-led network in the UK that provides resources to help businesses navigate the complex landscape of AI and other emerging technologies through an ethical lens.

The focus of The Ethical Technology Network will be on the following areas:


 1. Practical and demonstrable processes to identify, assess, and mitigate potential societal and ethical risks of AI and other emerging technologies.​

2. Relevant and timely legal advice about current and future regulations.

3. Training to provide AI professionals with the necessary skills to understand the complexity of sociotechnical systems.

4. Establish a Knowledge Hub to share best practices.

5. Engage stakeholders and the public to understand the impact of these technologies

6. An ethical first approach based on Human Rights, Sustainable Development Goals and concepts such as Ethics and Privacy by Design.

Become a member of the Ethical Technology Network

Why become a member?

  • Showcase your organisation's commitment to ethical innovation. 

Building trust and credibility are crucial for organisations using AI. Being part of the ETN will reaffirm your commitment to transparency and a proactive approach to ethical innovation.

  • Join a pioneering and multidisciplinary initiative.

The ETN is one of the first industry-led organisations to look deeper into the societal challenges posed by AI and Emerging Technologies. 


  • Shape the future of innovation ensuring the development of responsible technology.

We aim to become a voice and point of reference for businesses working in AI in the region and beyond.


  • Expand your network and collaborate with experts

The network is a forum for industry experts to share practical knowledge and best practices.

Membership options
Coming soon on Tuesday 28th May


If you are interested in receiving more details please get in touch at

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