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Artificial Intelligence is rapidly revolutionising the way we live, work, and interact with each other in ways we haven't anticipated.

And while AI has the potential to bring immense benefits to society, it also brings ethical risks that cannot be ignored. 

How prepared is your organisation to deal with these risks while ensuring the use of AI in a way that is beneficial, safe and respectful to humans and the planet?


9:30- 12:00 pm  (in person, Bristol)
Level: Beginners/all levels
Date: March 2024
Venue: Central Bristol

  • What is AI? Business applications

  • AI governance and ethical principles

  • Mapping exercise.

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In this one-day workshop, you will critically examine some of the main ethical issues surrounding the development and deployment of AI technologies.

What you will learn.

  • Demystifying Artificial Intelligence: Main tools and applications.

  • Ethics as a method: main approaches

  • Overview of the current and upcoming regulations 

  • AI Risk management: main frameworks.

  • Operationalising AI principles: what and how. 

  • AI ethics exercises and workshop techniques

This workshop will include a summary of all materials, pre-reading, articles and book recommendations.

By the end of the workshop, you will have a better understanding of AI algorithms, AI uses, the ethical challenges associated with AI, and the tools and strategies needed to address them.

The Details

Duration: 10 am to 5 pm  (in person, Bristol)

Level: BeginnersIntermediate

Date:  From March 2024

Venue:  Central Bristol

Alexa Steinbrück / Better Images of AI / Explainable AI / CC-BY 4.0

Your trainers

 Who should attend?

AI Ethics in a Day is a must for anyone interested in or using AI technologies, including

  • Startup founders and product managers, who want to incorporate ethics in the early stages of their products or services.

  • Data scientists, working on projects using data that can have unintended consequences on their users.


  • Marketing, Journalists and Public Relations Professionals.  Reputational risks, new regulations and increased public awareness are transforming how businesses communicate with their customers, making the need for a more ethical approach clear.


  • Developers and Designers: Ethical considerations have become essential to the product development lifecycle in today's technology.


  • Business Leaders: Understanding how to mitigate ethical risks posed by technology has become a competitive advantage for organisations that want to thrive in a changing environment.

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What to expect?

Doing ethics involves asking questions about ourselves and our values,  and in these sessions, you will be encouraged to participate in discussions and explore critical ways of thinking.

The workshops are highly interactive and requires participants to engage in meaningful and thought-provoking debates about ethical issues.


Using case studies and life real situations, we have made complex concepts easy to understand, providing clarity and a practical approach.

Training in your workplace

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In-person workshops and training in your workplace in Bristol and the South West of England.

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