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Learn the fundamentals of Ethics applied to Technology


Ethics is a method that can be learnt, and this programme will offer you the foundations to start applying ethics to the design and development of your product and services.

The programme is divided into two in-person sessions:

1. Fundamentals of Technology Ethics (2 hours)

2. Applied Ethics workshop (5 hours)

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Fundamentals of Technology Ethics:

2  hours (in person, Bristol)
Level: Beginners
Date: New dates to be confirmed soon
Venue: Central Bristol

  • What is Ethics?

  • Ethics as a method: theory and practice

  • How to apply ethical thinking to technology

  • Mapping exercise.

Applied Ethics Workshop

5 hours (in person, Bristol)
Level: Intermediate/ Introduction to Tech Ethics recommended.
Date: TBC
Venue:  Central Bristol

Alexa Steinbrück / Better Images of AI / Explainable AI / CC-BY 4.0

  • Frameworks and upcomings regulations

  • Ethical risks: how to identify them

  • Data Ethics. Canvas exercise.

  • Risks mitigation and best practices

  • Governance and company culture

This workshop includes a summary of the presentation,

pre-reading materials, articles and book recomendations.

Who is this programme for?

This programme is open to everyone interested in learning more about the role of ethics in society and the importance of applying ethical thinking to technology, including:


  • Startups  founders and product managers:  who want to incorporate ethics in the early stages of their products or services.

  • Data scientists: working on projects using data that can have unintended consequences on their users.

  • Marketing and Public Relations professionals: Public awareness and new regulations are transforming how businesses communicate with their customers, making clear the need for a more ethical approach.

  • Developers and Designers: Ethical considerations have become an essential part of the product development lifecycle in today's technology.

What to expect?

Doing ethics involves asking questions about ourselves and our values,  and in these sessions, you will be encouraged to participate in discussions and explore critical ways of thinking.

This programme is highly interactive and requires participants to engage in meaningful and thought-provoking debates about ethical issues.


Using case studies and life real situations, we have made complex concepts easy to understand, providing clarity and a practical approach.

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