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New launch in 2024

The Ethical Technology Network aims to develop a network of businesses and organisations where ethical considerations and ethical analysis are at the centre of the research, design, development and deployment of Emerging Technologies.

We understand Emerging Technologies as a group of technologies including:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT)
Quantum Technologies
Internet of Things (IoT)
Immersive Technologies

Creating an Ecosystem of Trust

In the last few months, we have seen increasing concerns about the risks posed by technologies like Generative AI and the urgent need to regulate the uses and applications of Artificial Intelligence.

Recently the UK government announced that it will invest 100 million in the development of AI and the creation of the AI Safety Institute to ensure the safe deployment of AI in the UK
alongside the need to take concrete actions to "help develop breakthrough AI applications in a safe, reliable, trustworthy and ethical way" 

At a regional level, we believe that now is the time to bring together a group of industry, academic and civil society experts to build an "Ecosystem of Trust" that will support businesses to get the necessary advice, training and resources.

The focus of The Ethical Technology Network will be on the following areas:

1. Practical and demonstrable processes to
identify, assess, and mitigate potential ethical
risks of these emerging technologies.

2. A multidisciplinary approach with contributions
from disciplines such as human resources, law,
data science, environmental sciences, etc

3. Relevant and timely legal advice about current
and future regulations

4. An ethical first approach based on Human
Rights, Sustainable Development Goals and
concepts such as Ethics and Privacy by Design.

The launch event
AI Ethics, Risks and Safety  Conference
15th May 2024, Bristol

Come and join a full-day conference in central Bristol.

Hosted in a premium location, the region's first AI Ethics, Risk and Safety Conference will bring together businesses and organisations to discuss and share best practices in this growing field.

The conference will cover four main themes:

1. Legal and Compliance: The UK and EU regulations, their impact on businesses and the resources and support available.

2. Frameworks and Standards: Ethical Principles, AI and safety, Risks and mitigation, case studies.

3. Education and skills: Training and upskilling. New roles and opportunities.

4. AI uses and applications: Re
al-world applications in Healthcare, Fintech, Communication and Education,

       Partners and supporters

Get involved!

If you are interested in supporting the AI Ethics, Risk and Safety Conference please fill out this form or contact us at​

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